Paul J Harding is an IT Architect with a diverse portfolio accumulated over the last 10 years. His experience in the government and private sector field encompasses virtualization architecture and deployments, software development, development of enterprise hosting solutions, and IT research.

Paul’s latest endeavor was his involvement in the new virtualization architecture for all the Canadian embassies worldwide for the Department of Foreign Affairs.  Paul provided input and guidance to the preliminary architecture design and recommendations on security implementation that adheres to ITSG-22 Network Zoning.

Paul contributed the Architecture and Engineering plan for the multi-data center enterprise virtualization(VMware) environment at Public Works Government Services Canada. Paul also engineered solutions for over 30 of PWGSC’s clients… Health Canada, Industry Canada, Transport Canada, Canadian Intellectual Property office, Department of Justice, National Research Council, Foreign Affairs, etc.

Paul has also recently lead projects to virtualize hosting services to provide on-demand utility computing. Conducting 28,000+ User migrations from old environments into a consolidated management system known as PEM(Made by Parallels) managing a remote team of 18 in New Delhi, India. Paul’s work with Virtuozzo and PEM has helped change the way companies like Quickhost and Experthost do business.

Paul has contributed recognized research papers in Digital Music Piracy to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry(IFPI). His research led to his development of software to mine data from the illegal digital music trading world to help record companies and countries deal with offenders.

Paul’s knowledge of Unix, networking, security, virtualization, thin client technology, software development, IT support, infrastructure deployments, mail systems, hosted services, database administration has been employed and contracted out to clients such as Hewlett Packard, NBtel, BMG UK, IFPI, PWGSC, Netzero, Canadian Heritage, and Canadian Coast Guard.

He Established himself early by providing IT solutions, support, and security for more than 40 small-medium businesses located in Halifax, Fredericton, St. John, Truro, Miramachi, and Ottawa from the age of 17-22 from his own company.